Month: August 2022


Hello dear readers, are you still with us ? 🙂

We hope you’re all well and that you have enjoyed the summer. We have had some beautiful days here, but it has certainly also been a very wet summer here in Denmark. Now we are looking forward to some late summer days and hopefully a beautiful Autumn.

We want to apologize for our absence during this summer. Lots of stuff has happened and sometimes you just don’t get to do everything as planned. But we have missed posting on our blog and we are excited about getting back to creating some inspiration for you. We also have some changes going on to our website. Hopefully that will soon be done, but we will tell you more about that later.

May you all have a gorgeous Tuesday
/ Annika & Sussi




This collage is featuring some of my favorite objects, both to photograph and to collect. I have a thing for tea cups and mugs and I enjoy the feeling of having a cup in my hands, how it’s shaped, and how it feels to drink from it.

A while back I did a lot of ceramics and I was crazy about making mugs. It was almost a contest with myself to make one cup better than the other. It seemed like the possibilities were endless.

I wouldn’t say that I have a huge collection of teacups, it is more one of those objects I feel drawn to when visiting flea markets. That, along with things like little salt and pepper shakers, old illustrated books, beautiful old type & vintage posters.

I’m not really good at buying expensive finds, just because it has become popular. I like to look for odd little things that has no real value, except for its peculiar beauty. Like the scruffy kitten no one wants.

What are your favorite objects to collect?

Have an inspiring day! /Annika